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Sabong International: The Best Option for Sabong Fans Online!

Many Filipinos have lost their employment as a result of the epidemic, but one industry is benefiting from it. Real-life cockfights inside the cockpit are not authorized due to the restriction on big gatherings. Only a select few are authorized, and they must follow strict criteria.

What exactly is Sabong International, often known as Online Sabong?

Online cockfighting is referred to as “Online Sabong.” It has spread across the cockfighting scene, and many individuals are making a fortune simply by serving as agents. On the other hand, cockfighting fans, popularly known as “sabungeros,” can now safely place bets online.

Cockfighting “sabong,” or placing bets on live cockfighting, is thought to have been performed in the Philippines for over three thousand (3,000) years. The gambling activity essentially consists of putting two roosters in a ring and betting on which of the two will win.

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is in charge of online sabong regulation, as verified by the Solicitor General’s Office and the Department of Justice in 2013. Online sabong is described by the Local Government Units that have jurisdiction as “the online/remote or off-site wagering/betting on live cockfighting matches, events, and/or activities that are streamed or aired live from licensed cockpit arenas.”

How does Online Sabong work?

Bettors may place bets on live Sabong International matches via various agents who use various platforms if they are a member of a platform of their choosing. Many applications are available for Android and iOS devices, but they may also be viewed on a website. Sabong on the internet is the same as watching a live cockfight from your home. There are no interruptions from other bettors, which is prevalent in cockfighting venues.

A few people, including professional cameramen, film the fight from every angle to entertain spectators and bettors. It is impossible to watch without betting. This is acceptable in my perspective because they limit the bandwidth of their websites to just bettors. Because all viewers can have a better view of the fights, online sabong offers various advantages over on-site cockfighting. It’s difficult to see gamefowls fight in real-life games, especially if you’re sat far away from the cockpit, which isn’t the case here. 

Is it necessary for me to place a wager in order to make money?

If you want to make money, you have to bet, right? If you are not used to gambling but want to make money, you might work as an agent. There are several agents who do not gamble, and the bulk of them make significantly more money than professional gamblers. 

Is Online Sabong a reputable and legal business?

As previously indicated, the Philippine government has sanctioned and regulated internet sabotage. According to analysts, the Philippines’ sabong sector is worth P75 billion, which is not a trivial thing to disregard, especially considering the hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake. Sabong International is a destination for recreation, gaming, commerce, and earning money. 

Can I gamble and play online sabong if I reside outside of the Philippines?

You may still participate in the online sabong if you are an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) with a valid Philippine mobile phone number by installing the GCash app. There are just a few payment methods available, with GCash being the most popular at the present.

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